Creating Your Listing

Marketing your dental practice with the Jurupa Valley Dentists directory is quick and easy. Follow this tutorial on creating your Jurupa Valley Dentists listing to get started today.


But first, perform a quick search of Jurupa Valley Dentists to ensure that you don't have an active listing to claim.


Create Your Jurupa Valley Dentists Listing


Log in to your Jurupa Valley Dentists account or register for a new one. Once logged in, locate the User button at the top of the homepage. Click once to access the dropdown menu, where you then click dashboard.


Next, locate the "Create Listing" from the side menu.



You will be taken to the Select a Dental Marketing Plan page. Here you can review the various marketing plans available. Click on "Select" to choose the best marketing plan for your practice.



You are now ready to start creating your Jurupa Valley Dentists listing. Providing all pertinent information is essential so patients can reach out to schedule after completing their due diligence.


Geolocation Details


Your Jurupa Valley Dentists listing should include geolocation. Firstly, so patients can find your practice. Secondly, this allows Google to prioritize your practice for someone searching for "dentists near me."


You can set up your geolocation in two ways. 1. enter your address after clicking on the search icon and push enter for it to display on the map. 2. Drop a pin by clicking on the map once you have manipulated the map to display your location.



General Practice Details


Continue scrolling down to complete each field of your dental listing.



Dentist Name

Enter your full professional name, including any prefixes or credentials.


Dental Practice Name

Enter your legal business name. You can guarantee branding by using the same name on all digital directories, such as Google My Business and Yelp. If you are unsure how your dental practice appears throughout the various directories, use our free scanning tool to find out.



Continue your brand exposure by adding your logo to your Jurupa Valley Dentists listing. However, you don't need a business logo, as a headshot will also work. To attach your image, click on "upload logo."



Enter your office address. Jurupa Valley Dentists recommends that you add cross streets and neighborhood names (when possible) as a quick reference. Next, enter your city's first letters to open the autofill dropdown. Scroll through to choose your city.


Phone Numbers

Type your office number and WhatsApp contact number as an alternate.


Website Description and Social Media



Short Description and Description

Provide site visitors with a quick overview of your practice through the short description field. Then, use the description field to expand your practice details, including your philosophy. This section allows potential patients to determine if your practice is the right fit.



Type your preferred office contact email address.


Social Media, Website


While you have given a thorough description of your practice, please also include your website and any social networking profiles as additional resources for patients to explore. Each URL must contain the HTTP:// or HTTPS:// prefix.


Dental Specialization

You may handle many areas of dentistry, but here is where you will list your dominant area of practice.



It is essential to list your business hours. Don't forget to include working days.


Additional Information



License and State

List your license number here, as well as the issuing state. Patients might find this information helpful when doing their research.


Additional Information

Some patients may have particular criteria. Please complete this section to help them.


Enhanced Media


Visuals can have a considerable impact. Add photos and videos to your Jurupa Valley Dentists listing.




Click "browse" to select and add photos that reflect your practice best.



You might be sharing video content on a streaming site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Copy the link and click the "+" button to add it to your Jurupa Valley Dentists listing.



And finally, click "submit listing" to complete your listing.


How Did You Do?


Your new Jurupa Valley Dentists listing can be viewed by returning to "Listings" in the dashboard. Use this moment to review and correct any clerical mistakes.



Even Better - Let Us Create Your Listing!


Busy running your dental practice? Then, let the team at Jurupa Valley Dentists do the work for you! Simply create a Jurupa Valley Dentists account and select your marketing subscription plan. Then, contact us so we can get started.