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Opting Out from the Jurupa Valley Dentists Directory


Jurupa Valley Dentists provides an option for dentists to remove their listing from the directory if they choose not to claim it. To do so, submit a request through our contact page, clearly referencing the profile to be deleted. Our team will then verify the requester's email domain and business website to ensure the identity matches the profile in question.


Please note that unofficial email addresses like [dentistname]12@gmail.com will not be accepted. Follow-up verification will be required if you cannot provide a business domain email address.


Once we substantiate your identity, we will inform you when your listing removal from the Jurupa Valley Dentists directory has been completed.


The Importance of Verification


The verification process is crucial to safeguard the Jurupa Valley Dentists database from spammers and marketing firms attempting negative SEO against competitors.


Negative SEO - Jurupa Valley Dentists


Understanding Negative SEO


Negative SEO, or Black Hat SEO, involves strategies like listing deletions or contact information changes to divert traffic and lower competitors' search rankings. 


Your chances of attracting new patients increase as your Jurupa Valley Dentists profile gains visibility. A precise profile can bring in 5-10 inquiries per month, even if unclaimed.


The competitive nature of acquiring patients means that each new patient you gain is one less for your competition. Negative SEO often involves removing online marketing channels to decrease web traffic. Therefore, potential patients who cannot find your dental practice online will turn to your competitors.


LOCALSYNC oversees multiple professional directories, including the Jurupa Valley Dentists Directory. The LOCALSYNC team must be cautious when receiving opt-out requests from non-official [dentistname]12@gmail.com-type emails. Due to the use of such "phony" email addresses, over 97% of requesters fail to react to identity verification inquiries.


Updating Your Profile - Jurupa Valley Dentists


Updating Your Listing Without Claiming It


While the Jurupa Valley Dentists team can remove your dentistry listing upon request, professional industry-specific directories offer valuable backlinks to enhance your SEO and Google search rankings. Requesting a one-time profile update for a small fee may be more profitable for your dental practice.


Choose "Upgrade My Profile Information" from our Turn-Key Dentistry Marketing services to request this update and follow the ordering steps. 


Note: listing modifications will only occur after confirming the requester's identity. Our team will contact you using the email linked to your payment to verify your identity. We will refund your payment and cancel the request if verification is unsuccessful.


Build Your Profile - Jurupa Valley Dentists


Claiming Your Profile: What Happens Next?


You don't need to take any additional action. The Jurupa Valley Dentists team will set up your profile as part of your annual marketing subscription. 


Choose your dentistry marketing subscription from the Turn-Key Dentistry Marketing services page, submit your payment, and we will handle the rest, or contact you if we have any questions.