Updating Your Listing

Update My Listing - Jurupa Valley Dentists


Correcting Your Listing on Jurupa Valley Dentists Directory: Exploring Your Choices


If you discover that your Jurupa Valley Dentists listing contains incorrect information, you have two choices to address the issue.


Choice 1: Claim Your Listing and Upgrade to a Premium Plan


Jurupa Valley Dentists provides a range of dental marketing plans, including a free profile setup with annual subscriptions.


To begin, navigate to our Turn-Key Dentistry Marketing page, review the offered plans, and click "learn more" on the most suitable option. After completing your purchase, our Jurupa Valley Dentists team will personalize and revise your dental listing as needed.


Choice 2: Choose a One-Time Listing Update 


The Jurupa Valley Dentists Directory offers a single update service for a fee. Just click Update My Profile Information on the Turn-Key Dentistry Marketing page and submit the necessary payment.


Note: regardless of the chosen method, listing modifications will only occur after confirming the requester's identity. Our team will contact you using the email linked to your payment to verify your identity. We will refund your payment and cancel the request if verification is unsuccessful.


Opt Out - Jurupa Valley Dentists


Unwilling to Pay for Listing Updates?


If you're reluctant to pay for updating your listing, you can choose to opt-out and have your listing removed from the Jurupa Valley Dentists Directory.


However, consider the possible advantages of paying the one-time update fee for your dental practice. An updated Jurupa Valley Dentists listing can act as an extra marketing avenue, improving patient visibility, enhancing your SEO, and promoting better Google search engine rankings - and it's only $5.00.


The Jurupa Valley Dentists team is ready to assist with any questions or support.